For many people, physical therapy can greatly improve their quality of life. Hear from patients who have had positive results from their sessions at Physical Therapy on the Move in Hooker, OK.

We each participated in physical therapy at Physical Therapy on the Move! (Eva – post-operative care after knee replacement surgery. Humberto – non-operative rotator cuff strain). We live in Liberal, KS and were happy to drive 20 minutes to our appointments. As a result of physical therapy, we both now have re-gained our function and are able to do any activity we desire. We are so pleased with the care at PT on the Move that we recommend this clinic to all people who are limited by pain especially after surgery. Beau and Melissa offer one-on-one care for an entire hour, and are very skilled at their profession.

Eva & Humberto Ruiz – Liberal, KS.

I needed physical therapy after my recent rotator cuff surgery. I chose Physical Therapy on the Move, and am so glad I did!!! The care I received at PT on the Move was amazing. Melissa and Beau spent one hour (+) with me one-on-one that included shoulder mobilizations, slow non-aggressive stretching, and taught me numerous exercises I performed at home that help get me back to 100% faster. If you need physical therapy and desire a full recovery……you HAVE to go to Physical Therapy on the Move in Hooker, OK.

Dick Fischer – Hooker, OK